AeDrone, is our new system, the smallest and most versatile.

Its design and size make it a multifunctional equipment for aerial missions with drone or mobile mapping in different vehicles and even incorporate it into a backpack.

AeDrone consists of a laser scanner, an inertial control unit (AeCU) developed by Aerolaser, which controls, synchronizes all sensors and records GPS events. The AeCU integrates a GNSS and an IMU for data geocalisation. The PC controls the entire system in a simple and efficient way. Through a web application, using Wi-Fi connection it is possible:


  • Control, manage and configure all sensors during data acquisition.

  • Check the status of the IMU, GPS and laser.

  • Check the battery level.

  • Verify storage capacity (available / used).

  • Swich on and off the sensors.

In addition, it allows adding up to 2 RGB, NIR, multispectral and 360º cameras to the system.


All data is stored on an external USB, which facilitates its extraction for further data processing.