AEROLASER SYSTEM S.L. has carried out more than 100,000 km of LiDAR and Photogrammetric corridors, projects and inspections of roads, power lines, railways, oil pipelines, etc. We use our own development and integration systems to acquire geospatial data, which is then processed by our team, having the technical capacity and means to carry out internally all the whole process, and therefore, obtaining the best results for our clients.

"We adapt our sensor system to your requirements"


AeSystem 380/480/580

Sensor systems with inertial positioning and high-accuracy synchronization for data acquisition.

Main characteristics:

  • Ability to operate by land, sea and air.

  • Use of a common interface to manage the different sensors.

  • Adjustment of settings in real time.

  • Accurate synchronization of acquired data.

  • Navigation support.

  • Full control of data acquisition from the AeMission app.

  • Its small dimmensions, light weight and vibration-proof connectors make the system configuration suitable to adapt to any kind of aircraft, boat or land vehicles.

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Thanks to the versatility of our developments, we carry out geospatial services at sea, on land and in airspace in any part of the world.

  • LiDAR and photogrammetric flights: zenith, oblique, RGB and NIR.

  • Cartographic production from LiDAR and photogrammetric flights.

  • Inspection of power lines, line works, roads, pipelines…

  • Filtered, categorised and edited LiDAR.

  • DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model): curved, grid, tin…

  • High resolution orthophotos generation RGB, NIR (up to 2 cm / pixel)

  • Bathymetry with multibeam probe and surface laser scanning.

AeSystem VUX

It is a very lightweight and compact laser scanner, designed for LiDAR data acquisition needs by airborne vehicles.

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AePC Rack

Responsible for the management of the acquired data, and the control of all the sensors of the system.

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Inertial control unit, responsible for georeferencing all data acquired.

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AeDrone V2

New AeDrone V2 system, more robust and solid.

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It is our own Flight Management System (FMS), which allows the flight engineer to control the entire system.

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AeAnomalies Report

It allows to detect and manage dangerous objects for a power line in a point cloud obtained by the ...

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It expands the computer's USB for data transmission when multiple devices are connected.

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It contains all sensors and electronics used by the system.

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