AeSystem VUX

It is a very lightweight and compact laser scanner, designed for LiDAR data acquisition needs by airborne vehicles.

It has one Riegl VUX-1LR laser scanner that gives the name to the system. It is very lightweight and compact laser, designed for LIDAR data acquisition needs by airborne vehicles, obtaining good measurement results even under adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to the versatility of our product, we can adapt our system to different technical requirements or projects, being able to add more cameras if it is necessary. As an example, it can be accompanied by a geo-referenced oblique camera that gives added value to aerial products, it allows us to see details difficult to see in the zenith cameras, obtaining a pixel size of 8 mm to 200 m.

This combination of laser and camera makes this system a very useful equipment for the inspection of electrical lines and linear works.

It has the possibility of adding a thermal camera that helps us to find possible hot spots in installations and possible fires of fire.