Inertial control unit, responsible for georeferencing all data acquired.

The Aerolaser Control Unit, AeCU 2.2 is the synchronization, control and power unit of the Aesystem. AeCU has been developed according to our own specifications.

It has the following functionalities and characteristics:

  • GNSS JAVAD TR-G3T receiver with PPS output to a signal duplicator.

  • Internal clock with nanoseconds accuracy.

  • AeCU controls the IMU. It receives its data and adds the reading time. It stores these data in the solid state drive of the AePC.

  • AeCU controls up to five digital cameras. Through a Lemo connector, which provides power, sends the trip command according to the preset intervals and it receives the flash signal to in which it assings a reception time.

  • It is controlled by the AeMission software.

  • Using Lemo connectors, all sensors are connected directly to the unit without additional peripherals.