AeSystem 480ii / 580ii

The system is form by a laser scanner and a set of RGB, NIR, oblique or thermal cameras depending on the project to be performed.

We can mount three different Riegl laser models: VQ-480ii or VQ-580ii, the AeSystem 480ii / 580ii consists of one of these three laser scanners. The laser is responsible for generating the point cloud of LiDAR and it is possible to add several cameras, as vertical and oblique cameras, which can be RGB and / or NIR type, thermal and video.

The system final configuration depends on the technical requirements of the project.

Able to operate in any medium: land, sea and air, AeSystem 480ii / 580ii allows to manage the different sensors from a common interface in a very simple way. The interface is called AeMission, and it is very helpfull during the flight navigation and it is able to adjust all the parameters of equipment in time real. With these advantages, it makes possible a total control during the execution of data acquisition from the application called AeMission.